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Project : VCTR

Team Members

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Watcharapol Yotadee

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        How well-known is your restaurant? Where does your new customer base come from? It will be bad if your restaurant cooks delicious food but no one comes to taste it. We would like to offer to be your media partner to help manage public relations and help analyze sales to make your restaurant more known. What you will get from us is Public relations in Thai food chains The target group of customers is customers who love Thai food and want to try new things. We will offer food from your restaurant that is suitable for him and they can order or book a table at your restaurant via us with no fee. And you don't have to do a lot of marketing just by bringing your restaurant into our chain. We'll tell the world how delicious your food is. And you won't have to think about promotions to give you a headache, we'll help you figure it out and you can use it right away.

        Okay, you may be wondering how we can promote your restaurant, what good is our platform to ensure that customers come to our platform and start to know your restaurant? First of all, our platform will attract customers who are interested in Thai food or have used Thai food. by promoting through social media or various campaigns When interested in the platform, we will also recommend your dishes and restaurants that are best suited to customer preferences. Simply called, it's Spotify of food where customers needs will get food as they want and you will gain a new customer base from our referrals. Including we also collect points for customers in the platform to promote the sale of your store as well.

           If you feel that your promotion or website is not good enough or you want to increase your customer base. You don't have to invest money or waste your time just join us. We will certainly increase our customer base.

Virtual Chain Thai-Restaurant (VCTR) 


            We are a team that loves Thai food, We have heard that in the USA They have a problem when they want to eat Thai food that they used to eat in Thailand but they don't know the name or can't find a restaurant that matches.

            This problem makes us interested in solving these problems to promote Thai restaurants abroad by creating a Thai restaurant chain platform to display Thai restaurant information and help them access Thai food that is suitable for them. In the field of restaurants, we will help promote and acquire customers through various campaigns or advertisements that are the main functions. And we also help analyze the market, when to sell what, or help think of promotions as well.



            -Customers who want novelties from Thai food

            -Restaurant Thai-fusion, Thai cuisine



           - Virtual chain combines Thai-fusion restaurants in the USA

           - Facilitate access to Thai food that customers are interested in both delivery and table reservations.

           - Provide information about Thai food and help people find suitable food.

           - Help the restaurant analyze marketing on our platform


Key: Spotify of food,



           - [] AI recommendation menu that matches the season, weather, time,

area, and festival.

           - [] Word searching about Thai cuisine.

           - [] call center service to consult the cuisine and receive an order.  

           - [] points & redeem points for food promotion.

           - [] marketing analyses for each restaurant.

Business model:


           -membership for the privilege.

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